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McKenna just giggled. Like, squealing, shrieking baby giggles. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. I've seen her laugh just a little bit, but this was a real, squench your face up giggle. I love it :)


McKenna is now 3 months and 1 week old. She's a big kid, weighing in at 17.4 lbs and 25 inches long. She's still exclusively breastfed, and seems very happy and healthy.

She's begun to teethe, I think. She's been drooling a lot, and has switched from wanting to suck on our knuckles to wanting to bite down on them. She's been pretty irritable over the last week or so. She's stopped taking quite so many naps, and when she does nap, it's for far less time than she did when she was a newborn.

I got her some Hyland's teething gel yesterday, and I used a tiny bit on her gums last night. She went to sleep immediately after I did that. The box says that might happen, if the kid's been uncomfortable for a while. She is currently chewing on a frozen baby washcloth. She's figured out how to get her hand to her mouth, and has been chomping on her own hand and arm lately. She doesn't seem to handle teething rings very well yet - they're just too much to handle. The washcloth she can handle. She's chomping pretty hardily right now. Poor kid :(

She likes it best when I stand her up and help her stay standing. Her second favorite thing is the splutz noise like when you give someone a raspberry.


I had my first experience of someone acting pissy because I was nursing in public. Troy and I were at a restaurant in Decatur, and they have couches in the front bar part. We were sitting there with McKenna, and I was nursing her. A woman at the bar kept looking at me and scowling. Troy pointed her out to me. I turned and looked at her, and any previous concern I'd had about what I'd do if someone looked at me like that while I was nursing went out the door. I smiled my best fake smile at her, patted Mac's butt and looked away. She immediately got her check and huffed out the door. HAHAHAHA

In other news, I made my first grocery run with just McKenna and me today. I wore her in the Moby wrap, and we did just fine together. I accomplished groceries. It was awesome to see the other moms in there with their kidlets, too. We all smiled knowing and friendly smiles at each other, and I felt like part of the daytime mommy shopping club.

I don't want to go back to work. We visited my job yesterday, and I don't want to go back. I am terrified to let other people keep my child. If Issa could do it, that would be okay with me. But I'm really, really nervous about anyone else doing it. I don't want to miss her first steps and words just b/c I am stuck on being at this job one more year...The countdown is happening too, where I have to make a decision soon. :( :( :( I don't see how anyone who absolutely does not have to goes back to work after having a kid.

McKenna is 6 weeks old today. I get one of those nifty yay me 6 weeks breastfeeding banners.

5 weeks

McKenna is 5 weeks old today. She is now 13 lbs, 4 ounces, and 23 inches long. I can't believe how quickly she's growing!

She holds her head up some, especially when she's on her tummy on either my or Troy's chest. She's starting to follow objects with her eyes, and she smiles a lot more regularly. She does this weird thing sometimes that sounds like it might turn into giggling eventually, but isn't quit there yet.

I think I've taken to motherhood pretty well. I can almost always tell what is going on with her and fix any issues she's having, aside from gas. Fortunately, gas doesn't happen very often.

She attended her first burn outside the womb this weekend. While it was a huge change for Troy and me, having her there, she handled it just fine. She only got fussy a couple times, and it was short-lived. She had her first dip in the lake, hated it, and screamed. It *was* a little cold... :) She went to the effigy burn with Troy, Issa and Joshua while I spun fire in the fire conclave. She even slept in the sleeping bag with me, and slept through the night both nights. (I imagine so - burns would tire out any kid!)

She's starting to get a little more cuddly, and she's not doing that staring at the wall randomly thing that new babies do as much any more. She actually looks at people now.

I can't quit bragging about her being exclusively breastfed. :) I finally learned how to pop a boob in her mouth in the middle of the night (lately she only wakes up once for feeding, if I feed her right before I lay down at 11 or 12), so I've actually managed to stay in my bed for a couple nights straight. We lived on the couch for the first couple weeks of her life :)

I think she's going to have light brown hair. Her eyes are starting to change some, but I'm not sure what they'll end up looking like. Her lips are still really gorgeous and full, and in my opinion, she looks like a really feminine version of Troy.

I lose at the cloth diapering thing. She's 5 weeks now and still in disposables. We even *bought* some. I know. I suck. It's just that every single time I've put her in a cloth diaper, she's peed in it within an hour, and it gets absolutely all over me. Not just a little. Like, a LOT. I don't know why these things aren't more absorbent. I still want to try to make this work, but damn if disposables aren't freaking *easy*. :( Does anyone have any ideas on why every single cloth diaper I've ever used leaks all over me (all in ones included!)?

I'm starting to do a little work from my house for my job. They're hurting b/c of a bunch of drama that's going on there, with attorneys leaving and starting new firms. We'll see how well it works out to try to work with Miss Sunshine wanting all my attention. :)


I had my first experience of breastfeeding in public last night.

Of course I had to choose to do this in a restaurant where McKenna was technically not welcome. There are local laws that force restaurants to be 18 and up if smoking is allowed. Fortunately, some of the restaurants do not enforce this rule, even though they have signs up that SAY they do. (No it wasn't smoky, it was outside so I never even smelled smoke.)

I actually got so nervous that I lost my appetite. Yes, breastfeeding is great, and yes more people should do it in public, and no, there should never be shame involved. I was nervous though. I'm glad I did it, even if we technically weren't supposed to be there with her :)

And of course, no one even noticed, and nothing was said, and all went perfectly fine. I have to work on this nervousness though.

assorted stuff

McKenna Sunshine is one week old today!

She has decided that her umbilical stump has just got to go, and she keeps hitting at it with her hands. It's almost completely detached. I'll be glad when it's gone, because that's when we're switching to cloth diapers. We have so many disposables from the hospital, and they're so much easier with a cord stump still in place. I'm ready to switch though.

I'm still working through breastfeeding issues. I pulled out the My Brest Friend (Yes they spell it wrong) pillow this morning, and that thing rocks. I read some more websites about proper latch, and I think that at long last, we've got it. We were really close before, but I was putting too much nipple in on the bottom. Her top lip automatically pokes out like it's supposed to when I do it this new way. Much better, much less painful.

The time of no sleeping has begun. I barely slept at all the past two nights. What's weird is that I'm not really sleepy during the day. I tried to nap with her earlier and she woke up fifteen minutes later. Maybe I'll have some lunch and try again. Maybe I'd be sleepy if I laid down. I actually have a strong urge to clean my house instead. I may strap her to me in a little while and do that, and then maybe take a nap. (Oh how much does it suck to not be at work? Not at all. This is GREAT!!)

I had an appointment with the doctor who caught Mac yesterday (only he wasn't actually there - I saw the other guy from his office instead), for them to check my sutures. Everything is fine, they said I'm looking great for 6 days post partum. Their office was extremely posh, and I really enjoyed their bedside manner. The entire staff was very kind. I was honest about the homebirth, and while they couldn't really approve, they were supportive of my decision, and didn't give me any crap at all.

:) I think I've finally quit checking to see if she's still breathing every fourteen seconds.

thoughts on parenthood

Quick notes about parenthood, motherhood

I didn't realize just how much time having a baby would take up!! I am absolutely not complaining- I'd rather lay here and look at her and hold her all day, every day, than to spend time on the internet or doing whatever else it was I used to do before I had McKenna. I just need to find some way to write down or type out my thoughts because I don't want to forget some of these early parenthood things.

We'll see how far I get. Right now, she's crashed out in my lap, looking like a perfect, gorgeous little princess. I think her hair is getting lighter. It's really light in the front, and has a red tint in the sun :) Her eyes are still the steel blue of early babyhood. The midwife yesterday told me that McKenna has already gained back up to her birth weight and then some. Troy and Issa and I think maybe, since they didn't weigh Mac until at least an hour after her birth, the birthweight may actually have dropped between her birth and when they weighed her. Otherwise, she's gained a ton of weight in her 5 days of life. She weighed in at almost 10lbs yesterday. What's up breast milk :)

Breast feeding has been an adventure. McKenna latched very quickly after birth. The first time she latched correctly and strongly, it shocked me! I actually said, "Oh!!" It wasn't painful, it was just shockingly STRONG! Since then, she's nursed like a champ. I had the lactation consultant in the hospital come to see me because I was doing really well with latching her on the right side, but not on the left for some reason. Just a few minutes with the LC and we had that kicked. I still had really sore nipples, which are just now starting not to be sore any more. I am abundantly pleased with our breast feeding relationship though. I seem to have tons of milk, and I think I may try pumping and saving some of it today. I think last night, it was almost overwhelming for Mac, because there was just too much coming out. It's started dripping when I'm feeding :) I think it's great. Breast feeding is extremely rewarding, and it's so freaking convenient. I am so glad that my fears that I had about doing this were really unwarranted.

I have worn McKenna in a Moby wrap a couple times now, with great success. I love it, and when she gets in there, she goes almost instantly comatose. I am going to find some material that is a little cooler and more breathable, because this kid's a little radiator.

She makes the best noises ever. She coos all the time.

I thought I'd want to dress her in all kinds of little outfits and stuff. The kid's worn two things ever: the little kimono looking shirt at the hospital, and one onesie on the way home from the hospital. That's it. We've had her in Swaddlemes (OH MY GOD these are awesome) and a diaper. It's just too hot!!

One thing I'd note for people who will be first time parents: I read and read about everything regarding labor, delivery, immunizations, parenting philosophies, cloth diapering, etc. I did NOT read NEARLY enough about the first days with a baby. I was wholly unprepared. I am glad I have some books here that cover what the heck to do with a child after she's actually out of you and in your home, because I was clue-free. Wow. I mean, a lot of it is intuitive, which I guess is what I was banking on, but no one tells you when you are supposed to bathe her the first time, or how LONG you're supposed to breast feed at each feeding, etc. I don't feel like we've failed in any respect, because she is doing just fine, but I do sort of wish I'd read a little more about stuff beforehand.

Okay that's all I have time for right now.

Oh, one other thing: I absolutely cannot imagine life without McKenna. I never understood the sheer depth of love I would feel for this little kid, but I am completely in love with her. I would do absolutely anything for her. I also did not understand how the depth of my love for Troy would change, with the addition of a child we created together. It's so amazing and beautiful!

Birth Story, part 1

I'm at home (I got home Thursday, around noon or so). Obviously things have been completely hectic and crazy since I made my posts about labor. Troy was making all the posts for me from that point forward. I've been receiving all your comments though, and I appreciate them all very, very much!

As you saw, my labor began at 2:30 am on the morning of the 19th. long!Collapse )

My Baby!

McKenna Sunshine Cobb was born at 12:25am this morning. She weighed 8 pounds and 12 ounces and was just over 20 inches long. She is perfect and healthy! McKenna and I are resting fine at Emory Crawford Long Hospital.

Photos and more details to come a bit later.